lytx drivecam are one of the best available in-cab cameras you can go for. After installing lytx drivecam to your motor vehicle you will need to access drivecam login window and for that, www.online.drivecam.com web address is used. If you are thinking about installing drivecam login for your transport, you must have good knowledge regarding installing and then making login access for your camera using www.drivecamlogin.com window.


We know it that accessing drivecam login window for the first time can be critical task for the drivecam users but we will try to explain each step you will need to follow so you can easily access your drivecam login window and reflect all required steps easily. lytx drivecam login require total 12v to 24v power to work properly.

lytx drive cam is actually a double face camera that will not only capture the moments going on outside of your vehicle but will also capture the inside clips. You will be provided with few second video and that video will be then used to recall the moments when your vehicle was on a high risk of accident. This is also true the 90 to 95 percent accidents occur due to driver’s mistake. That is why you can use lytx drivecam login clip as evidence and evidence can be use for legal and training purpose. lytx drivecam login is provided with USB 2.0 options.

Here are Some Key Points Regarding lytx drivecam that will Prove Why lytx Drive Cam are Must to Install

  • Using the video clips recorded by drivecam online you can make sure the fuel wastage for your vehicle.
  • You can protect yourself from fraud claims just because of the video clips captured by drivecam.com log-in.
  • 6 x 4.3 x 2.1 in is the total divisions of your drivecam login.
  • Your drivers will not able to make false statements just because they do not want to be guilty and pay the damage for your vehicle.
  • Using online.drivecam.com login access, control room instructors can watch the live clips and take quick actions required at the moment.
  • Total space of 96 MB will be provided with your lytx drivecam login so you can save the required video clips easily.
  • There is an advance feature you will receive with your lytx drivecam login and that feature is known as infrared illuminator. This advance tool is used to provide the infrared light inside of your vehicle so that your camera can recorded crystal clear video clips in dark night also.
  • Infrared illuminator will consume power from your vehicle only when required because it will directly consume the power from your vehicle so it will consume the power when your vehicle is ON.
  • Your drivecam login will capture move outside moments and your driver’s behavior at a time. You can recall the recorded clips and cross check that what was the behavior of your driver at the moment.
  • drivecam online comes with an advance feature known as gravity sensor and using this sensor your drivecam login will make sure that the moment should be recorded at the moment any kind of unusual moment occur.
  • drivecam.com is becoming so popular that there are already millions of users those are using these high end in-cab cameras across the worlds.
  • online.drivecam.com can also protect your vehicle against any kind of robberies. If anyone try to rob your vehicle or its goods, your lytx drivecam will make sure to capture the moment and you can use that clip as an legal evidence.

These are some points we have make regarding lytx drivecam and these points are enough to prove that why lytx drive cam is one of the best player in this field.

What Equipments you will Receive with lytx Drivecam?

When you purchase a brand new lytx drivecam from market, you will receive following equipments with your device.

  • Video recorder
  • Camera mounting bracket
  • Torx screws for setup your lytx drivecam login.
  • A cable access terminal.
  • RJ45 cable.
  • Power I/O cable for your lytx drivecam login access.
  • Clips for wires
  • A user manual for your lytx drivecam installations.

All these parts or equipments will be used to install your lytx drivecam at your vehicle.

How to Setup lytx Drivecam for your Vehicle

If you want to install lytx drivecam for your vehicle, you will need to follow some very simple steps. We are going to explain some simple steps for so you can easily install your lytx drivecam login for your required window.

  • First you will need to install a best location for installing your lytx drivecam. Best location for placing your lytx drivecam is rear view camera of your vehicle.
  • You have to clean the area where you are going to mount your camera.
  • After that you have to clean the area using any dry cloth. Make sure that the surface should not be wet at all because you can’t mount your lytx drivecam login at a wet area.
  • After that you will need to lose the torx screws. After that you have to move the mirror to it’s lowest location.

  • You have to place your lytx drivecam login to behind of your mirror.
  • While placing the lytx drivecam login camera you have to make sure that you have that much place you can easily tight the screws for your camera.
  • You have to mark the location where you are going to place your lytx drivecam.
  • Now, you have to place your lytx drivecam login very carefully to your windshield.
  • Starting from top backside slowly go for the down side.
  • There should not be any kind of air bubble. If you find any kind of bubble then you can remove then using the small paper pin.
  • Now, you are ready to make use of RJ45 cable you have received with your www.online.drivecam.com camera.
  • You can easily hide the cable from your camera to under the dashboard of your car.
  • Red, brown and black wires will be used for power, sense and round facility for www.online.drivecam.com access. The red wire will be connected to the power source and you have to make sure that your lytx drivecam is receiving power 24/7.
  • Brown cable will be connected to the 12 V to 24 V so with the power source.
  • Last, black cable will be connected for ground.
  • White and blue wires will be used for output connections and these connections will be optional. If you want, you can connect the white wire to the Input so that even recorder can be activated by some another device.
  • You can easily cap your optional wires so you can make sure that your cables are not coming to any other wire connections.
  • Now you are ready to place your lytx drivecam to the bracket. You can move the lytx drivecam so you can place the camera at required location.

One thing you will need to remember that you will need to two different power sources for your www.online.drivecam.com login access. First power that should be always ON is the source for event recorder. Your drivecam event recorder should be ready to capture the moment when anything wrong happen with your vehicle. That means, lytx drivecam recording kit should receive the power supply even when no one is driving your vehicle.

There is also an illuminator feature that will used to pass the infrared light for vehicle inside. This infrared light will help your lytx drivecam login to capture the moment even there is too dark inside your vehicle.

Once mounted on the window, the bracket will not removed easily. If you try forcefully removing the bracket then it can also break your window. Best thing you can do to remove the bracket is that, you can take any sharp knife and remove it easily.

One best thing about drivecam login is that, it will also save the audio with the videos clips. You will need to trigger the drivecam and the moment you trigger you camera, if will start capturing the 10 second video with audio facility. The moments can trigger manually or it will get triggered automatically.

Make Use of DriveCam Application | drivecam login

Using DriveCam app you can easily take the pictures using your hand. Yes, you can install the drivecam app to your smart device and simply by waving your hand to your drivecam to app window you will be able to save the capture the instantly.

Simply install drivecam login app to your smart device and create account for your application. You will ask for certain sign up details. After filling the required details you will provided with the facility that you can access the live clips captured with your drivecam.

Here are Some Key Features About Drivecam Login App

  • drivecam app can easily monitor the proximity sensors.
  • You will receive an instant voice notification whenever a picture is taken using your drivecam app.
  • You can also go for the Geo Tagging feature using drivecam login application.
  • You can also change the location where you want to save the pictures.
  • You will see a wake up screen when the picture is taken using the drivecam application.

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