Privacy Policy

We totally understand the confidentiality we should maintain for your data and that is why we have a strong privacy policy for your customers. Using this privacy policy we always make sure that the information you are going to share with us is totally secure.

Your Contact Email ID and Name

If you have any kind of suggestion for our team, you will need to share your contact information like your email ID and your name with us. We always make sure that we should not share your contact email ID and your name with anyone who can full your mailbox with spam messages.

Collecting Cookies from your Web Browser

When you browser our website, we can also collect your browsing history. That browsing history is collected so that we can make sure that the ads that we are showing are relevant to your searches. Do not worry, we will not share you browsing history with anyone else.

We have dedicated privacy policy for children so do not collect any kind of contact information from children so if your child shared his contact information with us, you can contact us for help. Also, we have all rights reserved that we can change the privacy policy any time without any notice period.

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